Architects Drawings For New Education Centre

September 11th, 2013

By Steve Morris

Yesterday these blurry first draft architect drawings hit my inbox!

This is an exciting first step in the build process. An architect based in Cape Town has offered their time for free to support the project which has been a massive blessing.

The educentre when built will provide space for between 120-140 young people from the Vrygrond and Lavender Hill townships in Cape Town to receive:

– 2 hours tutoring 4 nights a week.
– A meal at every session.
– Access to a professional social worker who will work with their family and school.
– A mentor.
– Access to a fully functional computer centre.
– Access to Saturday morning maths tuition.
– Access to excursions, short courses and career guidance in a range of professions.

Ultimately we hope these young people will complete their education, avoid joining gangs, make decisions not to abuse drugs and alcohol, get jobs, be able to lift themselves out of poverty and then go on to become leaders with a heart to serve their own communities.

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