180 Young People

180 Young People exists to turn around challenging situations for the young people. This is carried out through various methods in order to provide holistic care and development for the young people in our community; mentoring, school youth workers, chaplaincy, youth club, lessons, and support with the curriculum.


As part of 180 Young People, we have one youth worker employed to work in one of our local secondary schools. This youth worker is a full-time staff member in the school.

They fulfil a number of roles within the playground and the general school community including mentoring, running lessons and driving on-site youth clubs. Their key aims are:


  • Creating and promoting strong relationships
  • Driving participation and inclusion
  • Watching, listening, assessing, reporting
  • Maintaining respect for peers and others
  • A contact for need
  • Fighting isolation and withdrawal
  • Promoting age and culture integration

“[The mentee] struggled throughout her last year at the school in that she had lost faith in education. Without a doubt the intervention by [the coach] was  instrumental in ensuring that [she] was successful and able to head onto college. Many people talk about the inspirational teachers in their lives; I am certain [the mentee] will be talking about [her coach] as one of those people who changed her life.” Inclusion Manager, 2014


Since 2011 the work of the youth work team and mentors has increased considerably from 13 young people being mentored in our community impacting 1 secondary school, to 19 young people being mentored in our community impacting 2 secondary schools. Mentoring Programmes are put in place in order to support and guide the young people.

We work with pupils who are referred by the school Pastoral team for one hour per week for twelve months. This intensive mentoring programme works with the pupil in conjunction with the family and the school. We use the TLG Early Intervention for KS3 students and the COACH programme, a nationally recognised mentoring scheme, with older pupils. Both of these schemes provide a working framework for our mentors, mentees, the family and the school. Working with pupils who are identified by the Pastoral Team on a one to one basis. Each student may have a range of issues to work through. Common issues include confidence, self-esteem, behavioural issues, conflict with staff and other pupils, poor attendance and issues at home. A mentor would meet with the pupil once per week on the schools premises during school time.

The C.O.A.C.H network is kite marked by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation and is part of the Living Well Trust.